About Us  

Missionary Bible Study is a church of Holy faith. We strongly believe in the Word of God according to the Holy Bible, as our source of teaching & learning. God is faithfully blessing us every service with his abundant word and equipping us with the hope and wisdom to get through our week. Also, reminding you, our service to God does not start with the opening of our doors, but it starts when you exit.

(see our official mission statement)


Our church was founded by the late, “Mother Petty” of Shelby, NC. We were taught to carry the Word of God as it is, without a lot of “man-made” distractions. We continue this belief through Pastor Richmond, our Ordained Minister and Overseer. Our services are Sundays at 9am and Bible Study on Wednesday at 7pm.

Summer Camp starts in June for our members. We also provide Baptism and Communion on various given dates.

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